Sunday, January 15, 2012


The place that has the back end of a Volkswagen as an awning is a restaurant in Matsuyama (past the Okaido) that serves Okonomiyaki. It is a cheap place to eat at.

Okonomiyaki looks like pizza but it is more of a pancake than anything else. It consists of batter and cabbage (mixed together) that is cooked on a tapanyaki and can be topped with most anything.

The Volkswagen looks like it is a 1968-73 model from the look of the rear fender. I used to drive a couple of older version VW's (with the wire frame fenders) back in the 70's. Lovely cars but not safe at all. What I liked about them then was the ease of repair and they were fun to drive. A light car but no front end to them at all. Essentially driving a tin can with no protection from an impact.

Japan Guide to Okonomiyaki

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