Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saka no ue no kumo Museum

The museum documents the thoughts and transitions of the Meiji Era to modern Japan.

Baseball picture cutouts symbolize the tradition from Meiji to modern day Japan.

Nestled next to Katsuyama Castle Hill, it brings you close to nature.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hidden Blade, also known as : Kakushi ken oni no tsume

An excellent movie. It is a drama centered around a love story. Its focus is Samurai warrior Munezo, who strains at keeping loyal to his Samurai beliefs and keeping his moral code intact in an imperfect world. Munezo must fight the caste system in mid 19th century Japan. Along his path Munezo must find his way, loose himself and redeem himself. It is a touching portrait of a Samurai's path to find a better life in a flawed world. While it is a Samurai film, there is only one fight scene and even the Samurai warrior is abhorred at the act of violence. This is not a glamorization of violence but an accounting of what a single act of conflict can bring to those involved and its consequences.