Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lunch at Ko:Hi:Kan

Ko:Hi:Kan is a chain of coffee shops throughout Japan. Their reputation is for great coffee and an escape from the everyday hustle of humanity that is daily life in Japan. It's a great place for quiet conversation, reading the daily newspaper and enjoying a fresh cup of strong ko-hi.
Ko:Hi:Kan website (in Japanese) 
The shop location in Matsuyama
It's as good as it looks (that is green tea ice cream)
Pasta with Nori! Quite good!
A Mikoshi for a local school, from a Shinto Shrine

Samurai Sword Craftsmanship

The skill that went into the making of Samurai Swords is alive and well throughout Japan. Exquisite but expensive authentic katana (gatana) are available in Japan (limited supply due to restrictions). This display was for hand crafted gardening implements made by hand in the tradition of the Samurai Sword makers. Although the gardening equipment made in this manner is much more expensive than mass produced tools, it will work much better and last far longer than anything else.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Star Wars Similarities with Samurai

It's no secret that George Lucas modeled his Jedi after the Samurai. It's only when you see them side by side do you realize how much he was inspired by the Samurai.

Star Wars memorabilia is well suited to the Japanese love of porcelain.

The museum display had authentic costumes from the original Star Wars film. Luke Skywalkers outfit was unimpressive. The belt for his light saber was made in a machine shop and when you look at it up close, you can see how flimsy it is. 
Ehime Museum of Art (in Japanese) 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ehime Museum of Art - May the Force be with You

It is no surprise that Star Wars is popular in Japan. The Jedi are fashioned after the Samurai warriors of Japan. Given the depth of Japanese culture, there is much to be learned from the Samurai in how they transitioned from warriors to artists and philosophers during the Kyoto period.