Monday, December 26, 2011

Matsuyama Castle

Hard to beat the view from the top of Katsuyama Hill.

It's as steep as it looks. The climb up the Castle Hill is meant to fatigue any invading army.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Asakusa Public Hall

Asakusa Public hall in a ward in Tokyo is also home to Kabuki Theater.

Kabuki Web entry for Asakusa Public Hall

Dinner in Yokohama

The home of my host in Japan back in 1995. A kind man with a wonderful sense of humor. The sign above his house offers music lessons in traditional Japanese harp music.

The gentleman who helped me around Japan was quite remarkable. He taught me how to navigate Japan's transit system so I could travel on my own. He has passed away but he is not forgotten.

Tokyo back in 1995

A priest praying for offerings in support of his temple. There are Buddhist Priest imposters. Attention to detail will tell the difference. How many priest imposters are there? Difficult to say because it is not illegal to be an imposter priest praying for Temple offerings.

A child's playground in the backstreets of Kawaski.

The famous Tokyo Tower. Built in the 1950's to emulate Paris's Eiffel Tower. The top was bent in the famous earthquake that occurred in Japan this year. Traffic around the tower is quite congested. I almost got struck by a car in the cross walk beneath the tower because I was not paying attention.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shinjuku - A look back in time (1995)

Sakuruya Electronics in Shinjuku was a major electronics store in Japan. It opened in 1946 and was taken over by a subsidiary of Best Denki (Bic Camera).
Tenkai Japan article on Sakuraya closing

Shinjuku is a district in Tokyo that is a combination of business, government, shopping and entertainment. It is in the center of Tokyo and is situated on the edge of the outer moat of old Edo Castle. Shinjuku means "new station" (or new inn).
Another bloggers visit to Wendy's in Shinjuku

¥3,800 for sukiyaki! That's a lot of money back in 1995. In today's dollars (and the exchange rate sucks, thank you Fed) it amounts to almost $50 dollars American.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ningyo-yaki (Doll Cakes)

Ningyo-yaki (fried dolls) is a doll cake from Asakusa, in Tokyo. It's a sponge cake filled with bean-jam on the inside. The child's facial expression in the lower left hand window of the cake maker is priceless.

Ping Mag Guide to Ningyo-yaki