Saturday, November 28, 2009

Takashimaya Basement

Matsuzaka beef, which is better than Kobe beef (the best of the best in Japan).

Looks too good to eat!

The green "leaves" are plastic.


Takashimaya Department Store

If you like shopping, then a stop at Takashimaya Department store is a must visit. The chain has stores in major locations in Japan, New York, Taipei, Paris and Singapore. Each floor is dedicated for certain lines of goods, such as clothing, housewares, etc. The basement is dedicated to food, both prepared and fresh.

For the well dressed man.

Take home sushi and sashimi. At closing time, the food court becomes very popular and the vendors lower their prices as closing time nears. The closer to closing time, the lower the price. You can find some fantastic bargains this way.

As fresh and delicious as it looks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Japanese Furniture - Sublime and Cuteness

In Japan the sublime and cuteness overload exist side by side.

Issei Noodle Shop (USA)

A local Japanese style noodle shop. The food is about as authentic as it gets (even in Japan this would be an excellent place to eat). The noodles are made fresh daily and the ingredients are the best quality and selection. The shop is owned and operated by an Asian couple. The matron is from Okinawa. The atmosphere is a step back into a place in Japan.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japanese Furniture

Garbage pail? Discarding trash is a big deal in a country that recycles just about anything that it can. Amazingly, there are no in sink garbage disposals (or few if any). Residing in Japan means the resident must adhere to Japan's garbage and recycling laws. For example, empty milk cartons must be recycled. They must be washed out, cut up and turned into your local recycling place (for cardboard and paper).

Reminiscent of a 50's automobile seat. Looks good but is it comfortable?

Simple yet elegant.

A seat cushion, most likely for company when they are visiting. Sitting on the floor is customary in Japanese homes as they are small and the furniture usually consists of a dinning room table and accompanying chairs. Other furniture takes up valuable space. Manhole covers in Japan are part of city living.

Laughing? Crying? Take your tension out on the squeeze face ball.

Japanese Furniture

Retro 50's?

Meticulously made but comfortable?

Did not see any sofa's that seat three. Leather is a popular upscale item when you want to impress company.

Silverware is sold by the piece and not in boxed sets.

Coffee is increasingly popular in a country known for its love of tea.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Japanese Furniture Stores

Japanese furniture design is smart, attractive but not necessarily comfortable. While appearance is important, styling is what seems to sell. This sofa / love seat would most probably just hold one big gaijin.

Kimono Fitting

It is best to put yourself in the hands of the Kimono company fitting the garment. They will do their best to make you look good.

The fitting assures that the Kimono is the proper length and the design is what the wearer is pleased with. The garment is precisely fitted prior to the event it is to be worn for.

Women's Kimono's are colorful and pleasing to look at while men's Kimono's are more like a suit, tailored to fit and conservative.

This Kimono is traditionally worn by the groom on his wedding day, however, it is like a tuxedo, it can be worn by a gaijin anytime.

The Kimono is a fitted garment, it is assembled by a team of women who are very experienced in costuming Kimono's. The Obi is the last piece of the garment that is assembled. This picture is minus the Obi (and not completely fitted, only for size and color). These Kimono's were rented for a family event.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kimono Shop

Kimono's are popular for formal functions. This is a shop that rents them. Prior to the event, the person is invited in for selection and fitting. The garment is both functional and pleasing to look at. The original fitting is just to finalize size, ordering items such as Tabi or traditional Japanese socks. Those must be purchased.

Bless of Bless

Men's Bless is on the second floor, bless you.

Japanese Bake Shop

Hello Kitty baked goodness. Nothing like Kitty Karma to munch on.

Absolutely no relation to Betty Crocker in the USA. It may be they liked the name?