Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japanese Furniture

Garbage pail? Discarding trash is a big deal in a country that recycles just about anything that it can. Amazingly, there are no in sink garbage disposals (or few if any). Residing in Japan means the resident must adhere to Japan's garbage and recycling laws. For example, empty milk cartons must be recycled. They must be washed out, cut up and turned into your local recycling place (for cardboard and paper).

Reminiscent of a 50's automobile seat. Looks good but is it comfortable?

Simple yet elegant.

A seat cushion, most likely for company when they are visiting. Sitting on the floor is customary in Japanese homes as they are small and the furniture usually consists of a dinning room table and accompanying chairs. Other furniture takes up valuable space. Manhole covers in Japan are part of city living.

Laughing? Crying? Take your tension out on the squeeze face ball.


Tornadoes28 said...

I love that manhole cushion. Cool.

Tony Mariani said...

Shopping in Japan is much fun. Being a gaijin helps as like most places, photography inside stores is not welcome. But since the Japanese worker most likely does not speak English, they are not going to go up and tell the gaijin he's not allowed to take pictures inside.

Tony Mariani said...

As far as trash goes, if you own your own business, the trash policy is quite relaxed. You can dispose of just about anything without any government regulations (within reason).