Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shinjuku - A look back in time (1995)

Sakuruya Electronics in Shinjuku was a major electronics store in Japan. It opened in 1946 and was taken over by a subsidiary of Best Denki (Bic Camera).
Tenkai Japan article on Sakuraya closing

Shinjuku is a district in Tokyo that is a combination of business, government, shopping and entertainment. It is in the center of Tokyo and is situated on the edge of the outer moat of old Edo Castle. Shinjuku means "new station" (or new inn).
Another bloggers visit to Wendy's in Shinjuku

¥3,800 for sukiyaki! That's a lot of money back in 1995. In today's dollars (and the exchange rate sucks, thank you Fed) it amounts to almost $50 dollars American.

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