Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kotoku-in (The Great Buddha) from 1995

These pictures are taken from a visit to Kamakura in 1995. The Great Buddha was originally built of wood, then destroyed, it was constructed again in bronze sometime in the 13th century, although the date is not exact. It was originally housed in a building but the building was destroyed by storms, war and floods (it was rebuilt after the first collapse).

The electric rail line that takes you to the Great Buddha. Notice the truck grill on the front? The ride is only about a half an hour in length. The ride itself is charming. You pass peoples backyards along the way. There are small crossing gates for pedestrian safety.

The approach is deceiving, the Buddha is much larger as you get closer.

Incense offerings.

Only when you stand directly beneath the Buddha do you see that the eyes are not closed but looking directly at you.

Behind the Great Buddha.

Inside the Great Buddha.

A Guide to Kotoku-in

Kamakura City's Official Website

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