Thursday, February 19, 2015

Japan 1995 - Looking Back

I first visited Japan in 1995. I was there during the great Kobe earthquake. Although I did not feel the earthquake in Kawasaki, I felt the impact on the people in the office who's lives were affected by those they knew who lived in and around the earthquake zone. It was a deeply moving experience to see how devastating this was.
I will always remember this trip as it took me to Kamakura. Kamakura is a lovely place to visit and it is rich in history as well as being a beautiful place to see.
Coming of Age Day

Small train to Kamakura

Hachimin Shinto Shrine

Cave carved by hand by Kobo Daishi

Kabuki Theater in Asakusa

Laquerware shop

Train Station in Kamakura

Tokyo Station

The child's face is priceless

This has not changed in 20 years.


Thunder Gate

Tokyo Tower before Skytree

Yokohama - very different today


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