Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kirishimajingu Shinto Shrine

Located in the northeastern part of Kagoshima Prefecture is Kirishima. Kirishima includes the Kirishima-Yaku National Park, which includes the Kirishima volcano chain, Mount Sakurajima and Yakushima Island chain. The area is famous for its scenic beauty, hot springs and magnificent mountain vistas.

Kirishimajingu Shinto Shrine - The main building of the shrine is designated as an “Important Cultural Property.” The shrine is dedicated to Ninigi no Mikoto, who has a role in Japanese creation mythology. The temple was situated in a different location but was moved 500 years ago after being destroyed by eruptions of Mount Kirishima. The shrine that exists today was built in 175 and is home to several festivals celebrating music, songs and dance. The shrine and the area surrounding it is breath-taking. Well worth a visit.


Kirishimajingu Shrine website in Japanese


Udon_lover said...

13th picture from the top is O-mikuji.


Tony Mariani said...

Thank you.