Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitsukoshi Basement

Window shopping in a Japanese Department store is as much fun as window shopping gets. What happens in the basement before closing is that all the perishable goods go on sale. The closer to closing time, the bigger the discount. Frugal shoppers can get the best deals 5 minutes before 7pm, when the store closes.
Link to Mitsukoshi's Website (in Japanese)
These are box dinners that can be ordered in advance.


Udon_lover said...'re definitely torturing me as a Japanese. I miss Japanese food 24/7. :D

Tony Mariani said...

Me too. How about some home made Udon?

Udon_lover said...

sounds very nice, but do I need to go to Udon school first? :P

Tony Mariani said...

Either that or dance school, disco.