Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Off Hard Off

Book Off Hard Off is a typical Japanese book store, DVD, CD store combined with rental DVD's, Games and Game Hardware. It is like walking into a typical Japanese bookstore with extra's thrown in you don't find in a typical bookstore, namely games and mature adult entertainment. The adult material is kept in the back with the games. Nothing too bizarre, it's expensive gadgets and erotic fantasies along with a well kept book store. Book Off Hard Off also sells used books and DVD's. If you want to find it cheap, you can find it here. They also have hard to find or CD's no longer available commercially. If it's hard to find, you may find it here.


Udon_lover said...

Book Off is famous for their carrying second-hand books, including manga(Japanese comic books). They buy really cheap, and they sell so-so deal for customers. But even so, we(customers) appreciate their prices.

Tony Mariani said...

It's an impressive store. I found CD's that were no longer available and at a good price.