Sunday, March 27, 2016

Aki Matsuri - Fall Festival


A Shinto tradition, this street festival culminates in a battle of the Mikoshi's. There are 2 Mikoshi's for each Shrine. One is a Mikoshi for parade. It is the one for show. The other Mikoshi is the one for battle. It is identical to the show version except it is toughened up for battle. Inside the battle Mikoshi, the gods are wrapped in rope for protection and the delicate ornaments on the exterior are removed. The battles are quite real and people do get hurt. It is not unusual for participants to be taken away in an ambulance. It is a rowdy time and pretty much everyone is drunk on sake and beer.
Ceremonial Sake

War Mikoshi

Shinto Shrine of Mikoshi

Shinto Priestess

Decorative Mikoshi

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