Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kabukiza - English - Lunch - Shopping Information

The "Earphone-Guide" provides comments and explanations relating to the plot, music, actors, properties and other aspects of Kabuki which may be difficult for non-Japanese visitors to understand Comments are carefully timed to coincide with the action on stage. The receiver is rented at the Earphone-Guide counters to the right of the entrance, and the 4th floor (Single Act seats only). The receiver rent is Y700 (for Single Act : Y500). Refundable deposit is Y1,000.

Enjoy Japanese food in the restaurants in-between acts (please make reservations two or more days before your visit. Tel: +81 (0)3-3545-6820/10:00am - 17:00pm. reservation in Japanese only). Drinks and lunch boxes are also available in the shops on each floor. Customers are permitted to eat and drink at their seats during intermission. Restaurants inside the theatre are only accessible to those with full-length performance tickets (not available for those with Single Act ticket).

Various shops with food and drinks and handmade traditional Japanese sweets are located in the theatre. Also handcraft souvenirs and Japanese goods as well as Kabuki-related products such as books, DVDs, and photos are available in the shops. The shops located in the Basement Level 2 and the Fifth Floor of the Kabukiza Tower is open to the general public and accessible without a ticket to the performance.

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