Sunday, January 3, 2016

Inside Skytree

It was a rainy day but still worth it.


Video Ichiban said...

That looks like the Edo-Tokyo Museum off in the distance in your first pic. I hope it didn't rain all day for you.

Tony Mariani said...

Hello my friend, that is Edo-Tokyo museum indeed. I visited that place in 1995. Here is a link to my blog post. I was impressed by the museum but am told it is only "so-so" as far as museums go.

It did rain pretty much the whole day. We did miss seeing Mt. Fuji up in Skytree. Mt. Fuji is a magnificent sight. I plan on going back on a sunnier day.


Video Ichiban said...

I went to it twice, I think, and was impressed. I guess it depends also on what special exhibition they have there at the time.

Tony Mariani said...

I was impressed when I visited it. Having visited other national museums, I'd still recommend this.