Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Japanese Soft Drinks

How to describe Japanese soft drinks? They are different. The taste is subtler and not quite flavorful but more like flavored. Some of it at first seems refreshing but after drinking more of it, not so much so. Japanese Coke and Pepsi taste similar to their American counterparts but the taste is smoother and the carbonation less intense (not quite the same fizz). The flavors are more eclectic such as cucumber, salty watermelon, pink strawberry and milk and so on.  Mt. Fuji soda looked an electric blue color and I can say that it was not that flavorful to my American palette. Japanese orange juice is also thicker and sweeter than what you'd normally expect although there are some really enjoyable lighter tasting juices that are unique to Japan. Either way Japanese soft drinks are a fun thing to try even if they don't suite your palette, they are a fun experience.

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