Friday, September 20, 2013

JA Green Ehime - Farmer's Collective Market

JA Green Ehime is a collective group of local farmers who, when they consolidate their produce, meat, fish and other goods into a collective offer consumers an alternative to the conventional grocery store. The produce is grown locally and is fresh and free of preservatives. It's sold on a first come basis. A great place for fresh food and supports local agriculture. Shikoku's well situated for farming, fishing and raising livestock. The farms range from regular size fields to family plots that are carefully cultivated.

Where the mushrooms are grown

No onions, no life

Locally made bread


Anonymous said...

Looks good! How are the prices?

Tony Mariani said...

The prices are better than the supermarket. The food is fresher and of better quality. JA Green Ehime is subsidized by the government. It's a smart way to shop and support local agriculture.