Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pachinko Attraction?

KYOEI man stands in front of a pachinko parlor in Gintengai Mall in the heart of Matsuyama. Pachinko is mind numbing to say the least. The places are extremely loud and will overload your senses if you happen to step inside.

This statue has been in front of this pachinko parlor for a long time. Fortunately it is no longer there.

Flickr photo from 2005


Udon_lover said...

Kyoei is the company's name. "Kyoei" means swimming competition phonetically. That's why they came up with this mascot, I think. The Chinese characters of the company's name, "Kyoei" and swimming competition, "Kyoei" are different.

Tony Mariani said...

Very interesting. Thank you.