Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kamakura Lacquerware

Kamakura lacquerware as viewed from behind. A sign of good craftsmanship.

The makers signature


"In Kamakura, there are a good many temples ans shrines in which are treasured several pieces of Buddhist sculpture, including altar fittings and art works which were influenced by Chinese style and flavor in olden times.

The Kamakura-Bori Carving is a work of industrial art with a seven-century-old history, the handcraft of which claims as its origin, the traditional art of Buddhist sculpture, and has been handed down to the present-day artisans.

To meet the requirements of the changing times, continued efforts have been made to improve the designs and other aspects, with special importance being always attached to the preservation of the traditional art of making this carved lacquerware.

Materials - Gingko wood - Katsura wood from Hokkaido (something like camphor wood), big trees each measuring over 80cm in diamter.

Coatings - 7 to 13 times lacquer application"

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