Monday, March 14, 2011

Meltdown - Remembering the Past

Three Mile Island, Middletown, Pennsylvania

It seems that Japan's Fukushima's nuclear plant is melting down. Having lived near three mile island during the 1979 meltdown, I know what that feels like. It is a horrible feeling. You cannot see radiation yet you know it is devastating. My parents sent my kid brother to live with relatives in Philadelphia for 3 months until the situation was contained. I went to work each day with a travel bag in the trunk just in case. We listened to the radio all day long waiting for notice to evacuate the area.

I was also in Japan when the Kobe earthquake occurred in 1995. While I was staying in Kawasaki at the time and felt no effects of the earthquake directly, I did see how it affected the Japanese people who had friends and family in and around Kobe. Japanese homes are built with heavy tile roofs. The homes collapsed completely under the weight of the tiles.

That is nothing compared to what is happening in Japan. The flooding and collapse of infrastructure have compounded the situation.

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