Sunday, January 24, 2010

On the way to the spa

Typical apartment living

A taxi driver once asked me if in America, if they have all their cables overhead like in Japan. My answer was yes and no. In newer developments, all the cabling is underground. The reason the Japanese don't do that is primarily due to earthquakes, I believe.

You don't own a car in Japan unless you have a place to park it. It's the law.


Tornadoes28 said...

Here in California, as you know, we have our fair share of earthquakes. Yet, in many places, the cables are underground. It actually does not have anything to do with earthquakes. I believe Japanese just do not see the visual blight of these cables as an important issue.

Tony Mariani said...

You are most likely correct. I'll have to ask around next time I'm with someone who may know that, most likely my wife's uncle. He seems to know everything and everyone. Quite an interesting character, although he can be intimidating to some.

Tony Mariani said...

One thing I realized, the Japanese do not build homes with basements. If you think along those lines, burying cables underground may seem an unlikely effort to those who think anything underground may be wrong.