Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kamakura - 1995

Train ticket from Kamakura to Kotoku-in. The train is quite small, old and literally goes through the backyards of homes with little crossing gates at each pathway. Scenic and serene.

Nothing can prepare the visitor for the first time they visit the Great Buddha. As the visitor walks up - the statue gives an illusion that the eyes are closed. Only when the visitor stands in front of the Buddha does the visitor realize that Buddha's eyes are open and looking down directly at you. A very stirring moment in time.


Tornadoes28 said...

Yes, the Buddha is in traditional meditation position. I think many people believe that the eyes are closed during meditation such during zazen however the eyes are not actually closed but angled down. So it appears to someone else that the eyes might be closed.

Tony Mariani said...

From what I understand, the gaze is that of being half awake and half unconscious. That meaning Buddha is residing in both worlds at once. A meditation philosophy?