Thursday, July 30, 2009

Koban (Japanese Police Station)

In between Nikko Nara Hotel and JR Station

Japan's most wanted.


Udon_lover said...

Ummm....scary. :O

I think that Japanese Koban system is good. It makes us feel like..police officers are easy for us to communicate. I remember that I went to Koban several times when I picked up something on the road or somewhere that looked obviously someone dropped inadvertently.

Tony Mariani said...

I wonder if police shows are as popular in Nihon as they are in the USA. NCIS, LAW & ORDER, THE MENTALIST, and other TV shows are very popular.

Udon_lover said...

I guess that police shows are as much as popular in Japan just like US.

My favorite was AIBO(means partner in Japanese).

Tony Mariani said...

I enjoy Samurai TV. Thanks for the comments!