Monday, May 4, 2009

Downtown Nara

On the way to JR Station for a visit to Asuka.

There is graffiti in Japan.

This business makes tombstones. The sunburst is cheerful.

The Honda Civic Hybrid in Japan is identical to their American counterpart because they are made in the same factory in Japan. The only difference is the Japanese drive side is on the right side.
Honda Suzuka Plant where the Honda Civic Hybrid is Assembled


Tornadoes28 said...

Looks like graffiti in Los Angeles. Except that I don't think the people who write graffiti in Japan are gang banging violent people. There is a good chance that the graffiti in Los Angeles was done by some sort of violent gangster no good loser.

Tony Mariani said...

Rarely do you see graffiti. I hope people don't think Japan has a problem with it, but it is there.

One day when we were waiting for a train, my family encountered a woman with mental problems (she was elderly, it may have been dementia). The woman was mainly yelling at people (and picking up and throwing weeds). She eventually made it onto the platform area, at that point the Japanese Transit people politely took her away. Not sure what they did with her but she was treated with humanity.