Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exiting Todai-ji Temple

After you exit this magnificent temple, the visitor is greeted by perhaps the tackiest tourist shop's outside of Tokyo. Deer poop candy is a popular sale item. The candy itself is quite good and the poop theme is for giggles.

Looking back at the main entrance gate to Todai-ji Temple.

Deer poop candy

Does this resemble South Park?


Still regret not getting the Ninja outfit.

Authentic Deer poop

Deer poop candy. Actually quite good.


Udon_lover said...

It's not cheap to try to be Ninja. :D

Udon_lover said...

I like this phrase, "Nara shika naiyo" means "available only in Nara" in Japanese. "shika" means "only or exclusive" and also means "deer" in Japanese. This is rhyme.

Tony Mariani said...

The Ninja outfit would cost about $1,700 but it's a NINJA outfit. Too cool. Imagine wearing it around the neighborhood and impressing the neighbors with NINJA skills (or at least looking like one).

Tony Mariani said...

The cost would be more like $170.00 US Dollars.

sixmats said...

The outfit would only be cool if it came with a katana.