Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Horyuji, Temple of the Flourishing Law

The Temple was originally commissioned by Prince Shotoku. It was called "Ikaruga-dera" originally and that name is still associated with the Temple. The first Temple is believed to be completed in the year of 607. Horyuji was dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of healing. The Temple was also constructed to honor Prince Shotoku's father.

The entrance gate

The Chumon (Inner Gate) with its entasis columns

Statue of one of the Guardian Gods protecting the Temple

The Horyuji Complex

The pagoda is the oldest wooden building in the world and is said to have relics of Prince Shotoku at the base

The grand lecture hall

The Chumon brackets and railings

The way to the saiendo

Yumedono, a hall associated with Prince Shotoku


Temple Bell


soulofknight said...

Nice pictures^^

Tony Mariani said...

Thank you. As much as we enjoy visiting the Temples, the pictures and the brochures are the only things we can take with us (not including the souvenirs and the Temple charms.)

M. Landeck said...

The last time I was at Horyuji, photos were not allowed inside the compound. Has that policy finally changed?

Tony Mariani said...

When we visited the compound it was 2008. There were no signs preventing us from taking photographs. As a matter of fact, I had a Japanese local take me around for some insights into the temple compound. Did you experience a no photography policy there?