Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthplace of Modern Satsuma Ware

Modern Satsuma ware, called “Satsuma” and highly valued as a treasure of the Orient by westerners, has its origins at Senganen.

The lord of the Satsuma clan in the closing days of the shogunate rule, Nariakira Shimadzu, built on this sport a factory complex called “Shuseikan” based on the current western production technology. A wide variety of industries including warship building flourished here.

One aspect of this advancement was the vigorous promotion of overseas trade, which led to the need for goods to export. Through improvement of traditional production techniques, modern Satsuma ware was developed to fill this need.

Nariakir, by building the Oniwa Kiln here, employing many potters and supporting extensive research, achieved the creation of a grand and dignified style of pottery used exclusively by the lord’s family.

“Satsuma” was at onetime the common-name for ceramics made anywhere in Japan for export during and since the Meiji Period.

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