Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Force is with Pachinko

Marketing Pachinko using "the force." This company has licensed the Star Wars theme to promote their line of Pachinko Machines. What Lucas films and other Hollywood factions do, is sell their rights to market their creative concepts to other companies. This company created a collection of Pachinko Machines with Star Wars themes. When a Pachinko Parlor purchases or leases the machines, they get these display materials as part of the package (flag banners, display board and mannequin).

The web site (below) continues the marketing approach but it also carries a complete timeline of the Star Wars franchise, the Pachinko machines they are promoting, different aspects of making the Star Wars films and it even includes a detailed genealogical map of how all the Star Wars characters are interelated. Quite an impressive effort, as Darth Vader would say. It's entirely in Japanese but it is a fun visit. The only thing lacking in the display is the Darth Vader Mannequin. As Luke Skywalker would have said, as he did when he first saw the Millenium Falcon, "what a piece of junk!"

The mannequin is beckoning the passerby to come in ane experience the force of Pachinko.

Star Wars Pachinko Japan


Dustin said...

Awesome! Darth Vader is a force for good in marketing in Japan. Just look at the docomo ads. (Do they still have Darth Vader in them? I've been out of Japan for a year.)

Nice blog, by the way! I'll link to it on mine!

Tony Mariani said...

Did not see Darth Vader in any Docomo billboards but then I was not looking either. Docomo is all over the place.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Your comments are welcome! I've visited your blog. Great topic. If you don't mind I'll add you to my blog list.