Sunday, October 25, 2009

Construction Safety

Safety is taken seriously in Japan. Even construction sites are well managed for safety. Japan has got to be the safest place on earth as well as the most lovely.


Construction Safety Plan said...

I'm curious to know why Japan is the safest place for construction work.

Tony Mariani said...

Japan is the safest place generally speaking. Do they have accidents in construction? Sure but they take their safety seriously. When construction is under way, there is always someone posted in case there is traffic or people that will may be affected by the construction delays.

Edmund said...

It helps people to know which country is the safest place attained in the construction field. As these countries are using all the safety measures which are available to the workers. Construction safety is the first thing people have to know before starting construction. There are several construction safety programs are conducted by large companies to provide better information.