Sunday, April 25, 2010

Uni Qlo

You never see trash on a Japanese street.

Uni Qlo is a quality Japanese clothing store which is reasonably priced. It is very popular.

Fire safety always.

Boots are very popular for Japanese women.

Japanese wear the surgical masks when they have a cold or the flu so they do not spread it to others. Who can argue with that?


Tornadoes28 said...

What I like about the stores in Japan like Uniqlo is how clean they are. In America, most department and clothing stores are a mess. Clothes on the floor, etc. It's part because many American shoppers are sloppy and part because many of the workers are lazy I think.

Tony Mariani said...

The shoppers are most polite. The customer service is good and you do have to wait in line to checkout.

An American has a hard time finding clothing to fit them properly in this and any store.

Tornadoes28 said...

True about finding sizes. I have shopped at Uniqlo and can never find anything that fits. I'm over six feet so not too surprising.

鍾FeR_Quade0426 said...
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Benjamin Whaley said...

Haha...Because I'm 5'4", I am perfectly a Japanese medium size. Whereas, in the US, Mediums are always a bit too long for me.

Also LOVE the fact that UniQlo will tailor any pants you buy for free while you wait. Now there's a service I wish they'd introduce in stores over here.

Tony Mariani said...

I envy you. I do enjoy the quality and style of Japanese clothing.

雲亨 said...
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