Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Todai-ji Temple - Protector Gods (most famous Nio in Japan)

Protector God Agyo - Omega or End of Time

Protector God Ungyo - Alpha or Beginning of Time

Background on Ungyo and Agyo

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Todaiji Temple In Japan said...

Nice post. Great Eastern Temple is also called Todaiji. You can find regional Buddhist temples, head-office of the Kegon school of Buddhism in Japan. Nara Daibutsu or the Great Buddha of Nara, the statue was instated in the Great Buddha Hall or Daibutsuden. YOu can see the gigantic temple complex of Todaji.Two magnificent pagodas towering 100metres high that were the highest buildings globally during that time. Statue of the Great Buddha is made of an amalgamation of copper and bronze.